We Are in This Together: Global Movement (Instrumental)

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By Tyron Mott on May 8, 2020
Last updated on May 8, 2020 Charleston, South Carolina   Mexico City, Mexico  

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About the Song

After 7 years in the making, Tyron Mott’s instrumental song, Global Movement (Instrumental), is here! Why now? Well, the global coronavirus pandemic has revealed what this song was all along and why it needs to be heard. What began as a musical yearning to travel to far away lands has transformed to carry deeper meaning. The theme of the song is “passing the torch.”

Global Movement (Instrumental)

Global Movement (Instrumental) is the story of waking up to realize the world is changing around you, and so you must find power and familiarity in the torches we pass across cultures and generations. Torches of distinct and unique cultures, as well as the universal traits of the human experience. The song tells the story of finding the power in the similarities that tie us together across cultures and generations, and listeners across cultures and generations will experience this same feeling of familiarity with the foreign because the torches are embedded within each of us - in DNA and in learned culture.

Global Movement (Instrumental) was inspired by a deep desire to explore the world and experience new cultures to gain deeper insights into my own, so I hope you can use it to mentally escape to somewhere else and feel empowered by how similar that foreign place is to where you are today. In other words, we’re all in this together, despite surface-level differences in opinion and interpretation.


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