These Ancient Eyes

I enter the day individually blind,
Sensing the world through ancient eyes.
They pierce through every modern convenience and distraction,
Reducing All This Complexity to more simple, primal forms.

I am blinded by social media.
These eyes see community divided, conquered, and controlled.
Atop each dollar in my pocket,
I can vaguely make out a smug, grinning face.
These eyes see slave owners still putting me in my place.
I am blinded by the fast-food-like ads and hype.
These eyes see through the mass distractions,
But its tears cannot douse the fires consuming the village -
Pillaged. Walled off. Still burning to the ground.

But these eyes have seen a lot...
They roll at the same old images cycling again -
This time projected on a shiny, slick, modern backdrop.
These eyes sharply cut in defiance towards the same oppressive forces -
Now repackaged and polished for easy swallowing.
Yet, these eyes are resilient - not a crow’s foot in sight!
Black don’t crack.
Revealing in plain sight what’s hidden,
Black absorbs all the light.
So know that we enter the day collectively glowing -
With power and with ancient vision.