Welcome to our world - I’m really glad you stopped by! Creativity, self-determination, and fun all live here. Enjoy their company and consider them the raw elements you can use to fuel your own growth. But first, a bit about me...

Hi there!


👋🏾 I’m Tyron. At my core, I’m driven to create, play, inspire, and learn. Since graduating college with a Computer Engineering degree in 2010, I’ve primarily pursued these values by taking on various software engineering and product owner roles in the professional world. This has ranged from empowering non-profits through software at Blackbaud to helping the global workforce through APIs at LinkedIn. As a perpetually curious creative, these values were also expressed through my own creative endeavors. I love music! And I love dabbling in a number of other skills: photography, photo editing, visual design, languages, philosophy, psychology, cooking, and picking up new instruments, to name a few. I live as a Renaissance Man. I'm that musician friend who seeks live music when going out and quickly gets lost in the magic of the performance - Eyes closed; Head bobbing; All The Above 😂.

How can you not trust that smile?

There are tons of stories I have to share with you all. I’ve lost 120 lbs (and kept it off), worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, launched a music company - complete with a home studio, and I've released a music album and numerous other music features. In 2019, I began traveling the globe full-time, living city to city as a digital nomad, while growing the VentureTy brand along the way. More stories from abroad to come!

My goal is to empower you to discover and craft your most meaningful live as a creative being. VentureTy is the creative brand I built to facilitate this focus. It’s the vehicle I use to provide fun and creative tools for you to use on your own creative journey. And as I weave in and out of different cultures and experiences across the globe, I'll share my own insights and inspiration along the way.

Who I am is a blend of logic and superstition. Half equations, half magic. This balance (or imbalance depending, on the day 😅) shapes my views and fuels my creations. By sharing these creations, and through the art of asking the right questions, I aim to spark change in you that's contagious and fuels society's evolution. I want us to use this space to craft the highest version of ourselves and our world.

¡¡ 🙌🏾!!



Good news! If you’ve made it this far, you already know all about VentureTy. The vision and mission statements below will be no surprise to you. They are core to the world we're building here together.


Diverse imaginations and passions from each individual will fuel society’s evolution


To advance culture and well-being by inspiring everyone to imagine and craft the highest version of themselves and the world