Game Rules

The end goal is to create the highest version of yourself and your world.

Yes, your real self and real world! By combining music, images, videos, stories, and other art forms, VentureTy as a social game offers real-world inspiration and self-improvement that will help you advance and measure your progress in both avenues. You’ll find the game interactions are geared towards rewarding useful, diverse, and inspiring content instead of what’s most popular or controversial.

Your main job as the hero of this game is two-fold: respond to the Prompts and share Posts.

Posts & Prompts

Posts are central to the game. Follow @theventurety on Twitter to discover new content in the form of posts to inspire, challenge, entertain, and prompt you in some way. There will always be at least one Prompt at the end of each Post. Click on the Prompt to answer it publicly, or write your answer down somewhere to keep it privately.

Prompt Responses

Public responses are currently powered by Twitter. When each new Post is published here, the relevant Prompts will be tweeted. Create a Prompt Response by commenting directly on that Tweet. The idea is to respond to Prompts genuinely in 3 sentences or fewer.

Additional Actions

You can also leave Thanks (šŸ™) or Light (šŸ’”) on Prompts and others’ Responses. šŸ™ signals your gratitude for the content, and šŸ’” indicates you were inspired to take some action by it.

I'm a sample Prompt. Click me to respond.


You score points when other players find value in your Responses and by sharing Posts so that others join the game. Even though the scoring mechanism is under construction, you can still participate today to get a head start! And don’t worry - when scoring is ready, you’ll be back-credited for action you take such as:

  • Answering the Prompts publicly on Twitter
  • Sharing the Posts on social media

What’s Next

The rules are evolving and will be periodically updated here once more functionality is available. For example, a plan to convert your score into real-world benefits that continue your growth are in the works.

Stay tuned!